Craft for Notes

My never-ending search for “Software that doesn’t Suck”

My latest find in my personal productivity quest is Craft – the note-taking power app by Luki Labs Limited, which sprang on the scene only a few years ago and is taking the note-taking world by storm. I’ve used a plethora of note-taking apps in recent years as I’ve searched for something better than Apple Notes, including Bear, Drafts, Agenda, Obsidian, Notion, Roam, Noted, OneNote, Goodnote, Notability, and Evernote. I’m sure there are others that I can’t recall – needless to say, I have not found any app that met my note-taking needs fully until I came across Craft early last year.

Craft is a beautifully made app, one of my key criteria as the UI to me is as important as the functionality (and one of the reasons why Things is my preferred task manager). It is an Apple Editor’s Choice award winner and App of the Year for 2021, and has an unheard-of 4.9 Star rating in the Apple Store. It’s not just me that feels that Craft is on to something. Craft’s mission statement, “Our mission is to create a beautiful and joyful space where you no longer feel like you are fighting the tool.” encapsulates exactly why I find this tool so useful.

Besides the UI, from a feature perspective Craft has the killer note feature that I was turned on to several years ago when I first started to explore the Zettelkasten Method of note-taking. The problem of prolific note-taking, of which I am guilty, is how to find and use the notes you make over time. Notes, without a scheme to organize and more importantly, make use of them, become the mental equivalent of a hoarder’s home, crammed with so much junk and useless (and useful) material that nothing can be found.

A key feature needed to make the Zettelkasten Method a reality is the ability to link notes together. Roam Research made the digital version of the Zettelkasten Method a reality when they released their tool. The challenge I had with it was it’s cost and that it was online only. From there I went on to explore Notion and then Obsidian, but there was always something that did not work right, whether it was the functionality or the UI. I felt like I was fighting the tool instead of using the tool.

Craft has solved this problem for me and continues to get better with steady releases and a very active user community on Slack, where it is very refreshing having a direct line to the product and development teams. They listen and respond, and it shows in the ever-increasing functionality of the product

I’ve deliberately not mentioned a lot of the features of Craft as this is either a topic that is of interest to you, or not. However, here is a quick summary from Craft that highlights the reasons why you might want to check them out:

Key Features

Craft has a number of features that differentiate it from other note/document apps you can use today. The most important are:

Unparalleled mobile editing experience

When it comes to the ease and intuitiveness of writing and editing on touch devices, there’s really no match for Craft. You no longer want to wait until you “get in front of your laptop” – it’s just as good to use it on touch as it is with a mouse and keyboard.

Structured & Linked Notes

Craft allows you to nest notes within notes – creating your own structure – and making thoughts easier to group and organize. It also allows you to create links and connections between pages via @page links easily.

Frictionless Sharing & Export

With Craft, you can share your content via a link or collaborate with others in real-time. If you decide to export your content, you can choose between many export formats: Email, Markdown, TextBundle, PDF, Print Export.

Works on all your Apple Devices, Online & Offline

You can use Craft on iPhones, iPads, Macs – you no longer need to switch tools as you move between devices.

Craft works online and offline as well – it always stores all your documents on your device – so these are available independent from your network connection. More than that – you can keep editing even without an internet connection, and Craft will upload any changes once your connection is restored.

Visual Content as a First Class Citizen

Most writing apps don’t treat images and videos as first-class citizens. We believe these are just as important a part of creating and sharing content as text – so we made sure Craft integrates media beautifully.

Interested? Check out to find out if this solves your information management issues as well as it does mine.

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