Hong Kong is China

If you are using country geo-blocks on your firewall as I recommend, it is important to remember that Hong Kong is now indistinguishable from China when it comes to data privacy. With the return of Hong Kong to China’s control and the addition of the National Security Law to Hong Kong’s Basic Law, this means that all data that is stored in or is routed through Hong Kong should be considered no more protected from Chinese government access than data that is stored in mainland China itself. A recent article on how those who access Honk Kong websites are being targeted with malware just highlights the risk.

If you are blocking access to China as a way to limit exposure of your personal data from IoT devices in your home or business, you should check to make sure that your geo-blocks also include Hong Kong as well. For a list of other recommended countries to block from your network, based on their propensity to either host criminal cyber organizations or conduct widespread espionage, I recommend starting by reviewing the latest recommendations from https://www.countryipblocks.net/blog/top-10-most-malicious-countries-for-cyberthreats-may-2019/. From there, you can fine-tune these recommendations by logging the inbound rejects on your firewall and correlating what countries are the source of the majority of your attacks. Unless you have the need to access systems in these countries, add them to your outbound block list. The US will also be listed as a major source of attacks so presuming you are in the US you will need to keep that unblocked and depend on your more fine-grained malicious IP blocklists for protection there.

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